Wesley United Methodist Church
Monday, December 09, 2019

First Time Visitor


First visit to Wesley Church?  Here's what you can expect:

At Wesley Church, we understand that visiting a new church for the first time can be an uncomfortable experience if you are not sure what to expect. To help you out, here are a few tips to make your first visit an enjoyable one.

  • Before the Service - There are greeters at the door each Sunday morning to say hello and provide you with a nametag.  All members are encouraged to wear their nametags as well - we think this encourages a welcoming sense of community.
  • Children and Nursery- Infants and toddlers are welcome to stay with their parents during the service. However, childcare is available for those who would be happier in our nursery. Children ages 3 and younger are welcome in the nursery.  Children age 4 and up participate in the first 20 minutes of worship, and then go to Sunday School after the Children's Conversation with the pastor. For the Children's Conversation, the pastor invites all the children to the front for a few minutes, and tells a story or shares a simple lesson.  Their answers to his questions can be both entertaining and insightful. 
  • What to Wear - Most members dress comfortably for worship.  Wesley is a casual, family church. 
  • Worship - We have a blended worship service, that consists of both contemporary and traditional worship practices.  Most of the time, the worship service is a traditional service with a choir, organ, piano, handbells and classical instruments.  At times, there may be a guitar, African instruments, CD music, video screen, drama skits, or instruments that the children play.  
  • After the Service - On most Sundays, we gather for fellowship and refreshments in the Great Hall outside the sanctuary.